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3 Oct 2023
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As autumn graces Cape Cod, Massachusetts, a tapestry of vibrant festivals unfolds, celebrating the region's rich heritage. The Harwich Cranberry Festival showcases community philanthropy, the Wellfleet OysterFest delights with culinary treasures, and the Yarmouth Seaside Festival epitomizes cultural richness. Amidst these events, Martha Murray Vacation Rentals offers the perfect gateway to experience Cape Cod's charm. These festivals illuminate the soul of Cape Cod, presenting traditions, tastes, and talents. Join us for an unforgettable blend of local allure and festive splendor.



In the heart of Cape Cod, the Harwich Cranberry Festival at the Community Center Fields emerges as more than just a celebration—it's a testament to community spirit, talent, and philanthropy. Fueled by a commitment to entertain, uplift artists, and fortify community voices, the festival's pinnacle achievement is funding scholarships, with tens of thousands awarded to aspiring Harwich students over the years. This two-day event dazzles attendees with over 100 artists and crafters presenting a myriad of items, from pottery to baked goods, all against the energetic backdrop of the CranJam Music Festival and a Saturday evening fireworks spectacle. Conveniently located, with abundant free parking and proximity to the scenic Cape Cod Rail Trail, the festival is effortlessly accessible. While there's no entry fee, generous donations are encouraged, directly benefitting local scholarship funds. Amid the vibrant stalls of henna artists, book vendors, and community booths, the festival stands as a tribute to the iconic cranberry and its cultivators, encapsulating Cape Cod's essence and welcoming the fall with communal warmth and charm.



Nestled on the scenic shores of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, the Wellfleet OysterFest stands as a vibrant tribute to the town's deep-rooted shellfishing traditions. Slated for October 14-15, 2023, this post-Columbus Day family event attracts both residents and vacationers for a spirited mix of music, culinary delights, and diverse activities. Wellfleet's renowned oysters and clams take center stage, with festival-goers treated to an array of fresh oyster preparations and tantalizing clam dishes. But the festivity extends beyond gastronomic pleasures, offering an arts and crafts fair that spotlights local artisans, educational sessions on shellfishing, insightful eco-tours, and the much-anticipated Oyster Shuck-Off competition, where participants, from beginners to experts, engage in a thrilling oyster-shucking showdown. Yet, it's the wide-ranging activities that truly encapsulate the festival's essence, ensuring entertainment for all, from kids' events to live concerts and a lively road race. The seamless execution of this grand event is a testament to the collaborative spirit of Wellfleet's community, including its town officials, supportive businesses, devoted shellfishermen, and dedicated volunteers. Still, it's the attendees, with their fervor and commitment, who truly animate the festival. In essence, the Wellfleet OysterFest offers more than mere festivities—it presents an immersive experience that marries local charm with dynamic entertainment, making it an indispensable highlight on Cape Cod's event calendar.



Amid the captivating landscapes of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, the shift from vibrant summer to the rich tapestry of autumn unveils a different, yet equally magnetic charm. While many associate Cape Cod with sun-soaked summer fun, the fall season brings its own set of festivities that cater to all ages. The Yarmouth Seaside Festival, a cherished Columbus Day weekend tradition, is particularly notable. As it heralds its 40th edition from October 6-8, the festival, predominantly hosted at the Joshua Sears Memorial Field, stands as a tribute to the community vision of South Yarmouth's Jan Butler in 1978. The arts and crafts fair, featuring over 125 vendors, offers a deep dive into New England's cultural essence, with an array of ceramics, jewelry, and local art. Alongside, attendees are treated to a myriad of activities, ranging from pumpkin decorating and pie-eating contests to live music and culinary delights. The festival's diverse races, especially the whimsical Bed Race, stand out, where teams navigate custom beds, competing not just in speed, but also in creativity. For those who prefer traditional races, the 3-mile road race provides a chance to experience the town's scenic streets, while the canoe and kayak race promises aquatic excitement.


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