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Why should you rent your vacation home with Martha Murray Vacation Rentals (MMVR)?

With over 40 years of experience MMVR has successfully matched our customers with the perfect Cape Cod vacation rental for their needs. 

Our staff of rental agents work 7 days a week year round to rent and market your property on multiple media outlets including newspaper, magazine, and internet advertising.

We are also on call 24 hours a day during the rental season.


What is a “full service vacation rental company”?

We are here to make your life easier.

Aside from renting and marketing your property, we give you the option of using our cleaning service as well as the use of our trusted handyman and many reliable contractors.

Should you need any of those services we will facilitate the requests for you. Cleaning charges and work orders vary in price and can be deducted directly from your rental income.


What will it cost me for MMVR to rent and market my property all year?

We only make money when you make money. 

There is no charge for the extensive marketing we provide or the occasional house calls at 1am when your tenant is locked out!

We are here to be your eyes and ears so that you can have the summer you deserve.


What does “extensive marketing” cover?

It can cost thousands of dollars per year per property to showcase your Cape Cod vacation rental on sites like HomeAway, Flipkey, VRBO and TripAdvisor. More importantly, it costs you your time.

MMVR already has a dominant presence on today’s leading Vacation Rental websites and we will include your home on those sites for no charge.  MMVR’s logo can also be seen in both local and national magazines and newspapers.  The inquiries produced from all Vacation Rental websites require an immediate response, otherwise it is likely that the potential renter will book elsewhere.

Our rental agents actively check these inquiries 7 days a week and pride themselves on timely responses to all property leads.  We also partner with MyVRMS, which is an automated system for after hour vacation leads.


Why else should I rent my property with MMVR?

Aside from full service and marketing, MMVR believes the most important aspect of our business is trust.

We truly value the relationships with our landlords and customers and take a personal interest in continuing those relationships.


Contact Us

MMVR would love to add you and your home to our family. Please contact us with any questions or call our office at 508-394-2114; we look forward to hearing from you!