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Explore Beaches, Food, and Events

Discover the wonders of Cape Cod through the curated lens of our Martha Murray Area Guide, which not only highlights serene beaches and scenic views but also points you to the best local restaurants and upcoming events. This essential tourist map is your compass to the quintessential experiences of the Cape, from watching the sunset over Cape Cod Bay to the pristine beaches in Dennis.  


With the Martha Murray Area Guide, you're embarking on a comprehensive journey through the heart of Cape Cod, enriched by the local culinary scene and vibrant events. We also encourage you to view our Specials page which provide exclusive discount opportunities to enhance your trip, while our Guest Guide offers clear instructions on rental and reserve policies. Our knowledgeable staff is on hand to direct you to the finest experiences tailored to your interests, ensuring your Cape Cod adventure is as rich and fulfilling as the peninsula itself.